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Wall Art Ideas for a Cabin

A nicely organized collection of fine art can help any cabin become a more relaxing and comfortable retreat. When you enter a room that has been decorated with a nature-inspired theme or rustic color combination, it can have a positive impact on your mood. The human brain seems to prefer patterns that fit nicely together. A well-thought-out art collection can actually reduce stress, which enhances any mountain getaway.



House Styles








House Styles










Forest Landscape

forest, waterfalls, trees, redwoods, pine

Light the Way - Redwood Forest of Muir Woods National Monument with Sun Beam. by Jamie Pham Tranquility - Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes California by Jamie Pham Colors of Yosemite by Jamie Pham Scale - The beautiful and massive giant redwoods Sequoia sempervirens in Redwood National Park. by Jamie Pham Yosemite Falls with late afternoon light in Yosemite National Park. by Jamie Pham The Survivor - Massive redwoods Sequoia sempervirens in Redwoods National Park named Stout Tree. by Jamie Pham Clearing Storm - View of Yosemite National Park from Tunnel View. by Jamie Pham

Landscapes: Kadek Susanto

landscapes, wildlife, animals

DIMENSIONS  by Kadek Susanto BEAUTY AFTER DARK by Kadek Susanto FIRE ON WATER by Kadek Susanto DOWN BEAUTY by Kadek Susanto THE BONSAI by Kadek Susanto TWIST OF LIFE by Kadek Susanto LONG WAY TO GO by Kadek Susanto

Skiing and Slopes

ski, skis, skiing, winter sport, snow, snow sport

Chairway to Heaven by Kevin Munro First Chair by Sean McClay Powder to the People by Sassan Filsoof nordic cross country winter ski scene by Sassan Filsoof Switzerland of America by Taylor Franta Higher by Tristan Shu Lovers in the Snow by Georges Barbier

The Modern Lodge

wildlife, lodge, wilderness

Moose Country by Paul Brent Bear Trail by Paul Brent Wildlife Collage II by Paul Brent Lodge Portrait II by Paul Brent Wildlife Collage I by Paul Brent Elk Mountain by Paul Brent Lodge Portrait I by Paul Brent

Mountain Landscape

mountain, landscape, trees

Space for Reflection by Chuck Pinson North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway Spring Appalachian Mountains NC by Dave Allen Mount Moran on Snake River Landscape by Brian Harig Teton Drama by Andrew Soundarajan Teton Nights by Darren White Road to the Mountains by Alexis Birkill Wasatch Sunrise 2x1 by Chad Dutson

Bird Photography


Serenity   Mute Swan at Sunset by Roeselien Raimond Pink Swan by Roeselien Raimond Little Owl Big World by Roeselien Raimond The Little Owl by Roeselien Raimond Backlit Eagle Owl by Roeselien Raimond We Are Family - Seven Egyptean Goslings in a Row by Roeselien Raimond Go Home Duck You're Drunk by Roeselien Raimond

Mossy Lanscape

moss, ferns, forest, landscape, trees, nature

Avenue of Oaks - Charleston SC Plantation Live Oak Trees Forest Landscape by Dave Allen Bridge Below Rainier by Chad Dutson Wahkeena by Chad Dutson Magic Mushrooms by Scott Norris American Jungle by Chad Dutson Green Seasons by Chad Dutson Emerald Dreams by Evelina Kremsdorf

Vertical Landscapes: Phil Koch

landscape, field, prarie, outdoors

Once Upon A Time by Phil Koch There Came a WInd by Phil Koch A New Day by Phil Koch Lambeau Field by Phil Koch Dancing in the Rows by Phil Koch Lifelong Memories by Phil Koch Here Comes the Light by Phil Koch

Animal Watercolors: Juan Bosco


Blue footed boobies by Juan  Bosco Mackerel fishes by Juan  Bosco Elephants herd by Juan  Bosco Blue footed booby by Juan  Bosco Pileated Woodpecker by Juan  Bosco Silver Teal by Juan  Bosco Fox sleeping painting by Juan  Bosco

Fishing and Outdoors: Plout

fish, fishing, outdoors

Fish Trio-B by Jean Plout Call of the Wilderness by Jean Plout Fish Trio-C by Jean Plout Fish Trio-A-Basket Weave Border by Jean Plout Lodge Vignettes-K by Jean Plout Bass-Chevron by Jean Plout Bluegill-Chevron by Jean Plout

Landscape Photos: Chad Dutson


Florida Breeze by Chad Dutson Teton Reflection by Chad Dutson Saturated Forest by Chad Dutson Moonlit Mesa by Chad Dutson Hidden Alcove by Chad Dutson Wasatch Sunrise 2x1 by Chad Dutson Crater Storm by Chad Dutson

Priska Wettstein All About Still Lifes

still life, still lives, eternal, delicate, whimsical, pastel, fruit, food, flower, fruits, foods, flowers

renoncules by Priska Wettstein mazzo by Priska Wettstein apple pear on a table by Priska Wettstein green apples and blue thistles by Priska Wettstein march by Priska Wettstein garlic cloves by Priska Wettstein apricot delight by Priska Wettstein

Woodland Animals

woodland, forest, animals

Little Bear by Amy Hamilton Wolf // Persevere by Amy Hamilton Elk // Follow by Amy Hamilton Stags // Strong by Amy Hamilton Moose by Amy Hamilton Rabbits and Hares by Amy Hamilton Bears by Amy Hamilton

Bear Photography

bear, wildlife, nature, animals, cabin

Portrait of Bear in black and white by Lukas Holas Coastal Brown Bear  Ursus Arctos by Paul Souders Grizzly Bear Mother And Cubs Lake Clark by Richard Garvey-Williams Grizzly Cubs Play With Mom by Yva Momatiuk John Eastcott Brown Bear by Dr P. Marazzi Grizzly Bear And Cub in Katmai by Yva Momatiuk John Eastcott A Brown Bear Mother And Cubs Walks by Hugh Rose